Vol. III

  • Artist: Vago Sagrado
  • Genre: psychedelic psychedelic rock
  • Production by: Estudio Lautaro
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Songs and structures that come up as monuments, sounds gathered from another era; between shadows and mist, ruins that dont stop falling. Vol III represents our most intense approach to the contradiction between light and darkness, the place of grey shadows left by all human experience.
Dense chords, monotone frequences that repeat themselves over layers of noise and the sparkly shudder of the beat and the drums: these "songs" are like the persistence of that who dances calling on the rain, without skepticism, recognizing the mystery that the melodies announce.


released March 8, 2019 

Vago Sagrado es: 

Alberto Parra, Guitarra y vox 
Nick Vayolence, Bateria 
Karlos González Lihn, Bajo y vox 

Grabado en Estudio Lautaro. 
Mezclado por Pablo Giadach y Vago Sagrado. 
Masterizado por Chris Hanszek Washington, USA 
Washington, USA 2018. 

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